Journal Clubs

All trainees attend the Developmental Biology JC and present at least one article. Mentors and DBTG members are encouraged to participate as well.

Biochemistry Second Year Grad Student JC

Thursdays 9 am


Cancer Biology JC

Mondays 1 pm

HCI 4 South

Contact: Melanie Ward (email)

Developmental Biology JC

Fridays, 2:00 pm

HSEB 4100B

Organizers: Richard Dorsky and Joseph Yost

Contact: Teresa Upton (email)

Human Genetics JC

Tuesdays 12 pm

EIHG 6400

Organizer: Carl Thummel (email)

Contact: Patty (email)

Membrane Trafficking JC

Tuesdays 9 am

Eichwald Conference Room

Contact person: Diane Ward (email)

Metabolism Interest Group

Thursdays 4 pm

HSEB 2600

Metals JC


Organizer: Dennis Winge (email)

Molecular Medicine JC

Summer only

Organizer: Dean Li (email)

Pathology JC

Thursdays, 12 pm

2680 HSEB

Organizer: Kim Antry (email)

Plant Developmental Biology JC

Wednesdays 4 pm

ASB 304

Organizer: Leslie Sieburth (email)

Transcription JC

Tuesdays 1 pm

HCI 4 South

Organizer: Brad Cairns (email)

Contact: Jessica Hampton (email)