Brenda Bass

Research: RNA editing and behavior; double-stranded RNA-mediated pathways

Brad Cairns

Research: the REST complex and histone methylation

Mario Capecchi

Research: the unique and shared roles of Hox paralogs in mice and bats

Jan Christian

Research: specifying cell fate during vertebrate embryogenesis

Rich Dorsky

Research: wnt signaling and the central nervous system

Eric Jorgensen

Research: synapse formation and modulation

Gabrielle Kardon

Research: muscle satellite cells

Suzi Mansour

Research: FGF signaling – how to build an ear

Charlie Murtaugh

Research: Notch and wnt signaling for pancreas development

Jared Rutter

Research: PAS kinase and metabolic control

Rodney Stewart

Research: Mechanisms underlying cell survival and migration during embryogenesis and disease

Monica Vetter

Research: mechanisms regulating the timing of retinal neurogenesis

Megan Williams

Research: molecular mechanisms in synaptic specificity

Joseph Yost

Research: proteoglycans as key co-receptors